I am Pierre Bonnet. Being a French citizen, I graduated from computer engineer from INSA Lyon in 1990, a leading engineering school in France. Now I spend my time between France and Viet Nam for business purposes. I started my career in 1990 in writing methodological guides to help companies make better use of the Internet in their operations. That was my first experience for formalizing knowledge. Thanks to this innovative offer at the time, I became a successful intrapreneur, i.e. an employee with the responsibility of a profit center.

Download my PROFESSIONAL PROFILE (PDF format).

I am at your disposal to study all forms of intervention in independent consulting or for longer term assignments, across all my areas of expertise, both technical (Data Management, AI, Enterprise Architecture) and/or project management and leadership.

At 33 years old (2000), I created a start-up in software for data management and data governance with two co-founders and became an entrepreneur. We sold the company eighteen years later (Orchestra Networks) to an international group (TIBCO). My philosophy in business is based on courage and tenacity. For me, “today’s success is not tomorrow’s success.

I also financed other companies in organic agriculture and processing in Vietnam (Biophap) and in an innovative drink in Singapore (Drinkizz). For the management of these businesses, I use the META Framework to increase the chances of success.

With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, I share the mindset of a leader who questions how to industrialize their activity to secure it, increase profitability, and scale up. In 2019, I founded the startup Drinkizz, which markets an innovative drink in the natural energy segment. This activity in the physical world demands rigorous data management for manufacturing, inventory, supply chain, and sales. From the start of operations, we decided to digitalize using No-Code tools, and later, AI. With my background in computer engineering and my experience as a technology entrepreneur, I lead the Drinkizz team to succeed in its digitalization in a pragmatic way

I wrote various books in the IT domain: Enterprise Architecture and Services Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Data Governance, Measure of the IS Value, and I work with experienced engineers in the Artificial Intelligence domain for AI enterprise governance and AI-Powered governance.

ORDER HERE: In English, In French and In Vietnamese.

My latest book “META-Entrepreneur” discusses entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and more broadly, it serves as an introduction to the META framework, which is used to accumulate knowledge in various domains.

To be successful in business, you need courage and patience. It took me around ten years to be financially independent and twenty more years to make my fortune. It is this journey of more than thirty years that I am sharing with you here. It is not just an inspiring biography, but a book that lays bare my fundamental practices for business success. They are organized in the form of an entrepreneurship universe that I have called “META,” with four fundamental elements to have better control over your destiny: Motion (move), Engagement (act), Treasury (finance), and Assurance (protect). “Meta” is the Greek prefix that marks a step back that will allow you to see entrepreneurship more clearly. You will find that managing what you know well is a decisive asset for your success. Give yourself time to succeed instead of acting in haste, but act in the right way to increase your chances of success. This is what this book is all about. This is where you will find what you need to better build your own entrepreneurial adventure.

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