Accumulating knowledge
for sustainable win

Open-source community

Need to clarify your AI architecture?

For the deployment of AI and large-scale data solutions in businesses. TRAIDA stands for: Transformative AI and Data solutions. The framework consists of 19 cards and 69 topics to address AI and the associated data solutions (Enterprise Architecture).

Need to organize your knowledge?

For aiding knowledge accumulation in a world where access to information is increasingly fragmented. META stands for Motion, Engagement, Treasury and Assurance. The progressive acquisition of knowledge feeds the analysis and allows it to be more rapid and reliable.

Need to start your business?

To increase the chances of success in entrepreneurship and to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among employees (intrapreneurship), this area also leverages No-Code + AI and knowledge accumulation to speed up decision-making.


You are at the head of a small business and want to improve your digitalization & AI; You work in a large company with a complex Information System that needs to be upgraded to improve quality for AI; You are looking to venture into entrepreneurship or you have already started a company then check out our services.

Engage-Meta was created by Pierre Bonnet.

With over 30 years of experience in the computer industry as an expert in Enterprise Architecture and data governance, I have been working since 2022 with AI experts based in Vietnam (PDF download). Our mission is to build a comprehensive approach for scaling AI and associated data. We have formalized our knowledge within the TRAIDA (Transformative AI and Data solutions) framework, which serves as the basis for my engagement with you. This framework is published in open source (creative commons) and distributed through the Engage-meta community. I am also an entrepreneur who has formalized his knowledge using a knowledge accumulation framework that I have named META for Motion, Engagement, Treasury, and Assurance.

If you want to partner with us.

The origin of the community

My dual skills in entrepreneurship and data management with digitalization feeds on my engineering spirit that loves method and formalization. However, to be able to model and put knowledge in writing is not common in engineering. My education taught me that analysis and written formalization are assets for success. In a context where agile methods are often not well-used (too intense trial-error process) and digitalization is too IT oriented, this ability to model and write is rare. You probably have seen it around you and perhaps in your own way of working.

The Engage-Meta community places more emphasis on formalizing knowledge in order to increase the relevance of analysis. Once the formalized approach is adopted, the execution is carried out with less stress, and more resilience on the road to success. It was therefore natural for me to set the example of this formalization in my own fields of expertise. I then created the META Framework. Each letter of the META forms an element in which the knowledge of an area of expertise is listed: Motion (to launch), Engagement (to act), Treasury (to finance) and Assurance (to protect). The Greek prefix meta expresses the idea of stepping back and taking time for analysis to better manage and accumulate knowledge. It is part of the DNA of the Engage-Meta community.

Today, the ability to clearly articulate knowledge in writing is fundamental for effectively utilizing AI. Your AI prompts should not be reduced to just a few lines but should resemble detailed briefs that help reduce hallucinations and increase the quality control of AIs. I am convinced that the META framework will help you organize your knowledge to better share it with others and with AIs.

Because the META framework is universal, it can be reused in all areas of expertise. In a world of increasing complexity, knowledge is the fuel to improve your efficiency, better engage your teams and achieve your goals

A platform to share

The Engage-Meta community is your main access point to our publications.
It welcomes you to connect with others who are also interested in our work.


Usage right

Most of our publications are open-source (Creative Commons) and free to use. You can reuse and enrich them in your own commercial and educational activities, provided that you cite the source: “www.engage-meta.com”

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