Accumulating knowledge
for sustainable win

Objectives of the Engage-Meta community

Engage-Meta is a think tank for the distribution of open-source content in these three areas:

  • TRAIDA FRAMEWORK for the deployment of AI and large-scale data solutions in businesses. TRAIDA stands for: Transformative AI and Data solutions.
  • META FRAMEWORK for aiding knowledge accumulation in a world where access to information is increasingly fragmented. META stands for Motion, Engagement, Treasury and Assurance.
  • META-ENTREPRENEUR for increasing the chances of success in entrepreneurship as well as being an employee with an entrepreneurial mindset (intrapreneurship). This area relies on No-Code + AI and knowledge accumulation to accelerate decision-making.

Engage-Meta was created by Pierre Bonnet. If you need my advice, see the CONSULTING OFFER. If you want to partner with us, download the PARTNERSHIP LETTER.

The Engage-Meta community is working to reconcile the disciplines necessary for business success in a complex world increasingly impacted by data and Artificial Intelligence. As entrepreneurs, to take control of one’s destiny, and as employees positively involved with an intrapreneur mindset. Regardless of your role and objectives, it is essential to understand the impacts of AI and data on your professions and to adopt a positive approach to formalizing and accumulating your knowledge for success. In the Engage-Meta community, you will find concepts, principles, and recommendations in various disciplines that may surprise you with the wide gap between theory and practice. By engaging in a step back to see more clearly the holistic complexity of our world, you will become a member of the Engage-META community.

TRAIDA framework for AI and Data Solutions

TRAIDA stands for: Transformative AI and Data solutions.

Reconciling expertise in data governance, Enterprise Architecture (EA), and artificial intelligence represents a considerable challenge. This is the theme of this white paper, which proposes a comprehensive approach for the large-scale deployment of AI in companies.

To write this white paper, Engage-Meta has partnered with AI Academy (Vietnam), whose teams are experts in artificial intelligence. You can download their company’s deck here (PDF 3,748Kb).

The white paper is available in both English and French and is published under a Creative Commons (open-source) license by the think-tank Engage-meta (PDF).

Find out the Minimum Viable Scale (MVS)


Rather than forcing the definition of technical and business EA targets, the company first compares itself to a set of essential topics for large-scale deployment of AI and associated data solutions.

The goal is not to try to describe targets on a wide range of topics, but to limit the analysis to AI and data management. We start from the principle that the minimally viable technical architecture is based on these two devices: AI and data management.

It is important to emphasize the significance of this concept of “minimally viable architecture”, also qualified as “Minimum Viable Scale – MVS”, which aptly illustrates the idea of progressively scaling the architecture.

Download the executive summary (PDF): In English and French.

TRAIDA decks

Transformative AI and data solutions demand a robust semantic management layer for scalable deployment. Within this slide deck, we aim to demonstrate the operation of such integration, elucidating key concepts including the digital twin, human-in-the-loop, AI governance, AI-powered governance (often dubbed the ‘second brain’), and semantic management. Unsurprisingly, at the core of this architecture lies a knowledge graph repository, essential for managing ontologies and facilitating the accrual of knowledge.

Vision (#1)

Slide deck with 61 slides, creative commons license, open-source, PDF 5,529Kb

  1. The context of our approach
  2. A vision for transformative AI and data solutions
  3. Alignment of our vision with the market
  4. The TRAIDA framework
  5. The final report deliverable
  6. Evaluation process

AI impacts (#2)

Slide deck with 104 slides, creative commons license, open-source, PDF 8,482Kb

  1. Impacts on the business
  2. Impacts on the IT system
  3. Integration with Enterprise Governance (EG)
  4. Integration with Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  5. Post-consultation services
  6. AI software list 

Bonus track: Enterprise Data Architecture

Watch this additional video to find out more on Enterprise Data Architecture – As a seasoned Data Management expert with an extensive background in non-schema oriented databases and semantic modeling, I view the knowledge graph repository as a contemporary reimagining of the traditional MDM concept—more versatile and semantically aligned with the business systems of any organization.

It goes beyond the traditional scope of merely handling master and reference data, encompassing a wide array of data types, processes, and critical rules.


Other videos on AI and Data solutions

META framework for knowledge accumulation

On a larger scale, the Engage-Meta community provides practices to maximize your chances of success in your projects, regardless of your role as an executive, employee, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or investor. In our modern world, we believe it requires a holistic approach that combines the right mindset, methods, and understanding of key technology impacts. For IT projects, it includes knowledge graph databases, semantic management, artificial intelligence, and, more broadly, digital transformation.

They are inspired by my professional career of more than 30 years. I am Pierre Bonnet, founder of Engage-Meta, software engineer and entrepreneur. In working on best practices for the community, I have created a framework to formalize my experiences and knowledge called the META-framework. This is a common framework to organize and enrich knowledge to accelerate value creation.

ENGAGE-META practices for entrepreneur focus on the company creation, bootstrapping, company’s stabilization, and evaluation during the whole process until exit. The practices also help instill an intrapreneurial spirit within companies that are seeking greater engagement from their talents.

ENGAGE-META practices for data management focus on methods and tools to increase data quality with digitalization. In today’s world, data management is essential for business scale up with digitalization. It is the foundation for a best management of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) journey.             

The origin of the community

During my career, I have met many project leaders who have failed due to a lack of preparation or who have not been able to progress after an initial success. The former thinks that analysis is a waste of time, and the latter does not understand that today success is not tomorrow success.

To succeed in a sustainable way, the individual or the organization must improve on these indispensable qualities: the culture of formalization in writing to capitalize on fundamental knowledge, the taste for rapid and relevant analysis, and the desire to share and innovate.

The appeal of an immediate success is a dream, while reality requires careful calculations to reach sustainable achievements. A plan with a long-term vision is needed. Sustainable success is more demanding than short term results from immediate actions. 

An intense professional rhythm over several years is necessary before reaping significant rewards. In order not to burnout during the business journey, the project leader must discover his or her own OBLIGATION TO ACT that goes beyond simple motivations. 

Immediate results then becomes steps to build even more solid and sustainable foundation to success. To reach this goal, you need fundamental practices to take a step back from your situation or your field of expertise in order to plan for long-term while remain in action. The purpose of the ENGAGE-META community is to describe and share these practices.

I created the Engage-Meta community to share my experience in business and my expertise in data management and digitalization. During my 30-year journey with a successful exit in 2018 I had the opportunity to experiment many different management practices. Having the habit and pleasure to write, so it was natural for me to formalize my knowledge.

Pierre Bonnet (February 2023)

My dual skills in entrepreneurship and data management with digitalization feeds on my engineering spirit that loves method and formalization. However, to be able to model and put knowledge in writing is not common in engineering. My education taught me that analysis and written formalization are assets for success.

In a context where agile methods are often not well-used (too intense trial-error process) and digitalization is too IT oriented, this ability to model and write is rare. You probably have seen it around you and perhaps in your own way of working.

The Engage-Meta community places more emphasis on formalizing knowledge in order to increase the relevance of analysis. Once the formalized approach is adopted, the execution is carried out with less stress, and more resilience on the road to success. It was therefore natural for me to set the example of this formalization in my own fields of expertise. I then created the META Framework.

Each letter of the META forms an element in which the knowledge of an area of expertise is listed: Motion (to launch), Engagement (to act), Treasury (to finance) and Assurance (to protect).

The Greek prefix meta expresses the idea of stepping back and taking time for analysis to better manage and accumulate knowledge. It is part of the DNA of the Engage-Meta community.

Today, this framework is used to describe various fields of expertise, for instance: entrepreneurship with the “META-Entrepreneur”; and data management with digitalization through the “META-DX-Manager” (*). As their names suggest, it is about capturing the lived experience of the actor who acts in the field of expertise. I have thus become a “meta-entrepreneur” and a “meta-DX-manager“. Engage-Meta community is created to welcome like-minded people.

(*) DX stands for Digital Transformation.

Meta is the Greek prefix with a meaning to take a step back and observe from beyond. It is the intended meaning with the META framework: accumulating knowledge and take a step back to see more clearly and retains the most fundamental elements. The more you practice, the faster you can analyze to avoid the trial-error trap. With the META framework, you react quicker than others, and committing less error, without wasting your energy and avoiding numerous failures.

Because the META framework is universal, it can be reused in all areas of expertise. In a world of increasing complexity, knowledge is the fuel to improve your efficiency, better engage your teams and achieve your goals.


Whether you are a future entrepreneur or seasoned one, employer or employee in a big or small company or investor, the META framework is an indispensable tool to manage, enrich and share your knowledge. You then increase also your chances to success in your projects.

A platform to share

The Engage-Meta community is your main access point to our publications.
It welcomes you to connect with others who are also interested in the TRAIDA and META frameworks

You are welcome to join our social networks to ask questions and share your contributions in the domains of knowledge management, entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship as an employee) and data management with AI and digitalization. Your collective participation is important to leverage our ability to act. I am in the role of expert and moderator. Do not hesitate to subscribe now. You can download our partnership letter here (PDF).

Usage right

My publications are free to use by citing the source “PIERRE BONNET, HLFL”.
My books are subjected to commercialization.
Starting 2023, I decided to publish them on Amazon with a fair price to promote public access.

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